Chetna Arora

Jun 30, 2019


Often we come across people whom we label as intelligent. We even go ahead with designating different nicknames to them. No need to mention, humans derive a lot of thrill in comparing and ranking each other's brains. But as it turns out, historically, we are utterly poor at such a task.

What is wrong with intelligence testing

We have a dark and shady history associated with intelligence testing. In the 1900s, eugenicists used the test to judge people for sterilization. The eugenicist had this belief that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population by excluding…

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Why it is important for you to be aware of mental health

Every year we celebrate Mental Health Week to raise awareness and sensitize people about mental health issues as well as to make them love themselves even more. People do not consider mental health as an important aspect. It's very important to know that mental health is as important as our physical health and they both contribute equally to our well being. We put a lot of efforts to maintain our physique. We exercise, we take nutritious food, we drink water, we meditate to keep our body fit but have we wondered about how much care our mind needs? If we…

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Art as a stress relieve

In this fast-paced life of ours, we often find ourselves surrounded by a number of events that causes stress to us. Stress is any uneasy circumstance that causes emotional, behavioural change. Stressful situations vary for person to person and the coping mechanism for it also differs in degree from individual to individual. Some person may completely deny the situation whereas some may vent out to their friends. Generally speaking, every individual responds distinctively to a stressful situation.

It is the process of doing art that reduces stress and puts us in that 'zone' of spiritual connection.

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Sonali pahuja

Jun 30, 2019

Introspecting oneself - A Prose

I don’t remember you.
Were you the person who liked too much salt in everything that was already salty?
Or were you the person who laughed even when the joke wasn’t funny?
Did you pray when you wanted something really badly?

Do you remember yourself?
Standing in front of the mirror, desperately trying to find that last bit of sanity,
Or touching your own body, hoping to find the broken pieces because we all know that we can only fix what’s broken, right?

Do you remember yourself?

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Jun 18, 2019


The first and very basic thing, which this starts from is, “Understanding”. No matter, if you’re a father or a son or a mother or a daughter or a brother or sister. You should always have a good understanding of every family member present in a family. You should be well aware and knowledgeable about the family member’s personality which includes “what kind of things other person likes, how does the other person behave normally, what other person is doing in life, what other person’s achievements are” and everything like that.

Then most important element comes which is “Acceptance”.

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